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Necklace length guide :

According to the length of the necklace (that you can find in the details of every of our products), you can check on the picture above how to wear it.

  • 1: 35-40cm
  • 2: 45-48cm
  • 3: 50-60cm
  • 4: 70-86cm
  • 5: 100-114cm


Get your ring size in 5 Easy Steps :

1) Cut a strip of paper

2) Wrap the paper strip around the widest part of your finger. (Often, this will be at a joint)
You can use an old ring to help find the widest spot.

3) Use a pen to mark the point on the paper where the ends of the paper strip overlap 
(form a complete circle).

4) Use a ruler to measure the length from the outside end to the mark on the paper to the nearest millimeter, rounding up if necessary. 

5) Find the closest measurement on the size chart to determine your ring size.

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