How to take good care of my Mahny jewelries

Maintenance and Cleaning

To do !

Keep in mind that jewelries get dirty and damaged mostly while wearing them, it is a simple chemical reaction to the acidity of your skin. First advice is to take them off every time they are particularly exposed, when you are taking a shower, do some cleaning, and wash your hands to avoid the contact with water. Same thing before working out and even sleeping. Be also very careful to not spray your favorite perfume on your jewelries, but on your clothes only.

When you are having a nice vacation at the beach, don’t forget to put your little treasures aside when you go for a swim, salted water and swimming pool water can damage a lot your jewelries.

Taking care of your jewelries also means to store them correctly. Best is to put each of them separately in small individual pouch. It is strongly not recommended to put them altogether in a box without any protection. Jewelries tend to oxidize and to become black when they are exposed to light and in contact with other jewelries. So when you are not wearing your favorite necklace or earrings, make sure to put them in its small pouch, protected from the light. That is the reason why, Mahny Jewelry always carefully package in delicate small pouch your order, for you to keep and use to store correctly the jewelry.

If despite of all those precautions your jewelries don’t sparkle and are oxidized, the best cleaning will be a DRY one. Always try to use as less as possible liquids, just the amount necessary to remove the dirt.

To clean your jewelries, you will need dexterity and gentleness. Use a very soft cloth (to avoid scratching the netal), a soft toothbrush and toothpicks for the parts that are difficult to reach.

You can use jewelry cleaning solution that you can find at a supermarket, or water with a little bit of soap or few drops of lemon juice. Toothbrush with toothpaste works also very well and can be a good solution to avoid damaging the metal of your jewelries. You just need to rub delicately your jewelries with a bit of toothpaste and rinse with water. To avoid the jewelry to oxidize as possible, you can dry the jewelry with a hair dryer.

If you jewelry is already oxidized, you can use ketchup instead of toothpaste.

Don’t forget to protect

Plated metal will always oxidize little by little or even lose their plated layer to show the metal underneath. This will totally change the appearance of your jewelries and you might not want to wear them anymore. To protect them and extend their life span, you can varnish them with transparent nail polish, especially the part that are in contact with your skin. This way you will be able to wear your jewelries more longer, and it can also protect you from getting allergies if you have, particularly with earrings.

To avoid

You have avoid as much as possible any contacts with water, perfume, cleaning products or any aggressive and damaging liquids. As it was written above, spray perfume on your clothe not your necklace, don’t do the dishes while wearing your favorite rings. Remove all your jewelries before cleaning and work out!

Vinegar is also to forbid, it is very harmful for all the stones and piece of wood. Same for alcohol and any products that has ammoniac.

Jewelries are fragile, so to avoid removing the plated layer, be careful to scrub gently when you clean them.

How to avoid allergies ?

You love all the jewelries we offer that are not in our (coming) premium collection? But you are allergic and when you wear jewelries that are not silver or gold, you feel itchy. The tips is to varnish the jewelries with transparent nail polish. This will help you to avoid any direct contact of your skin with the plated metal that’s causes you to be itchy. To be efficient you will need to use a good quality nail polish, we recommend the one that you can find in any drugstore. Don’t forget to repeat this operation regularly. This is a very easy tips that you can try! Of course allergy will always depends of every different person and of every different material.