How to take care of your jewelry during the summer?

entretien bijou été ete 

In summer our jewels are particularly put to the test! Between sweat, sea water, swimming pool, perfume... In this article, I help you to know the right things to do to make the plating of your Mahny jewelery last!

First of all, it is important to be aware of the material that makes up your jewelry. You will find this information in detail on the product page of your jewel. (In case it is an old collection, feel free to email me or contact me on social media)

Below is the information broken down by material for your better understanding. But first of all I would like to clarify the meaning of "waterproof". Our jewels, whatever the material, are gilded thanks to a plating! (yes, at the prices they are, they're not solid gold! 😅) So this means that they are water resistant for a certain duration which is estimated to be long (more details below by subject). Over time the golden color will patina but will remain golden for a long time, of course if they are well maintained according to the advice below!

Also to know, the strength of the plating also depends on the pH of your skin. The more this Ph is acidic, the more it will be attacked. If you have skin with a rather acid pH, then I advise you to wear gold plated or gold filled.

🚫 Whatever the material, I strongly advise you to pay attention to perfume, cleaning products and hydroalcoholic gel that contain alcohol.

  • Gold-plated brass (3 micron)

The 3 micron gold-plated brass (= the thickness of the gold layer) is hypo-allergenic and very resistant to water! So you can wear the jewel all summer on your neck, wrist or other without worrying!

The plating can last for several years and resists sweat and seawater well.

  • Brass gilded with fine gold (1 micron)

Brass gilded with 1 micron fine gold is more fragile, in particular due to the thickness of its plating which is 3x less. It is water resistant, but for daily use in town (shower only). Occasional contact with sea water or sweat is ok (if Ph not too acidic), but I still advise to remove the jewelry when playing sports and if you go to the sea to make it last longer the plating. If you want to keep your jewelry during your vacation it's ok, but not for 2 months!

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very resistant and hypo-allergenic material. Like gold-plated brass, there is no problem for seaside vacations and sports, gilding can however skate a little faster! If you wear the jewel every day, without removing it, duration: around 1/1.5 years.

  • Le Gold Filled

Gold filled consists of covering a thick layer of 14 carat gold on a brass base. Much thicker than gold-plated brass, this makes it a more valuable and stronger material. It therefore has the same characteristics, namely hypo-allergenic and resists well over time to water, sweat and seawater.


To see more clearly, here is a table of materials that I use for my jewelry according to your use!


Every day in town

By the sea/Sport


Gold filled


Gold plated (3m)


Gilded with fine gold (1m)


Stainless steel



As well as a little more visual diagram!

matière laiton plaqué or gold filled

And to finish a little reminder of the important points:

  • Pay attention to perfume, cleaning products and hydro-alcoholic gel
  • The duration of the plating also depends on the acidity of your skin
  • If your jewels are made of brass gilded with fine gold (1 micron), they are occasionally resistant to seawater and sweat, but not for a long time (more than a month)! 

packaging, pochon, coton, biologique

The right thing to do when you are not wearing the jewels is to put them in your little Mahny pouch (sold with each jewel) in organic cotton (we try to think of our planet!) sheltered from direct sunlight and humidity.

Indeed, if you mix all your jewelry together and make a mountain of it, it is very bad for the plating, not to mention the risk of everything getting tangled! And to avoid friction, 1 jewel per pouch ☺️

Well, I hope this article will help you take great care of your jewelry, so that it lasts as long as possible!

I remain at your disposal if you have any questions by email or on social networks!!

Have a great summer everyone!! ♥️♥️♥️