Stone Properties


Green Agate 

Self-confidence and peace 

In case of sadness and loneliness, Agate will soothe you. Stone of prosperity, it will make you feel lighter and more motivated. 

It restores order in your mind, which helps to regain confidence and to assert themselves. 

The latter brings stability, emotional, intellectual and physical balance by eliminating energy blockages. Thanks to this stone, you can work on your negative emotions, understand them to better let them go. 

Finally, the Green Agate by its color and its nature is a lucky stone. She attracts abundance and brings prosperity. For all these qualities, Green Agate makes some of the most powerful stones that can help you on a daily basis. 




Power and courage 

Amber symbolizes invincibility. At the time the Vikings claimed to be invincible thanks to to it, and Roman gladiators wore it so as not to be killed in the arena. We considered amber a powerful aphrodisiac. 

The Amber stone helps to become stronger and more combative in the life of all jbear. If you feel psychologically fatigued or going through a slight drop in morale, this stone is ideal for rekindling the flame that slumbers in you and start again on good bases. 

Spiritually, Amber highlights the strength and wisdom within you. Indeed, this mineral is known to bring out all the qualities and resources that you already have within you but that you had put aside because of certain energetic and emotional blockages. This stone makes optimistic, radiant, serene and courageous. 




Balance and Serenity

Greek etymology: "who is not drunk"
Stone of the spirit, it brings wisdom, serenity and balance.
It promotes clarity of mind, acts against stress, calms anxieties, effective against sleep disorders.
It is a stone of calm, ideal for people who tend to disperse; by controlling emotions, it moderates impulsiveness.
It allows you to center yourself by balancing the highs and the lows.
Once your mind has calmed down, you will be able to make decisions and find the right balance by appealing to your intuition, especially since it drives out obsessive thoughts.
Finally, it helps to fight dependencies and addictions, relieves headaches. During meditation it helps concentration.
Harmonizes and purifies the place where it is.

Optimism and Balance

 Comes from the Italian aventura which means "by chance".

Stone of comfort and self-control. General balancing, will have soothing effects for people who quickly give in to anger.

Affirms the qualities of leader and makes more persevering. It will bring you luck for new projects as well as for your finances.

Eliminating nervous tension, anxiety, it will bring you joy, humor and greater social openness.

Promotes compassion and empathy. 

Aventurine is a Crystal with a very positive vibration, it promotes optimism and infuses the energy conducive to new growth in life. Wearing it is very useful during periods of life change (moving, new job, new relationship, etc.).





Good humor and optimism


In ancient Greece, citrine was dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvest. 

Citrine is beneficial, it encourages to develop a positive attitude in all domains. It is a stone that reassures, relaxes and brings joy. She gives vitality, energy and dispels anxiety. 

This stone of wealth promotes the balance of energies as well as concentration. Diffusing a luminous energy, it makes it possible to control the excesses of emotivity and fight against stress. Excellent for concentration, reviewing exams, or still intense intellectual work, it is advisable to wear it during interviews professionals. 

In general, the citrine stone is a stone promoting positive behavior and makes it possible to always find the best solution in the common interest and in a optimistic. 





hope and harmony 

5000 years ago, the Egyptians used emerald to make jewelry that was reserved for the aristocracy.

The emerald was said to exert a great fascination on the Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra. Moreover, the queen offered to all those around her emeralds with her effigy, in the form of objects or jewels such as emerald pendants...

The Emerald contributes to the harmony of relationships, within the family, the circle friendly or between two lovers. Favorable to friendship, it develops feelings of righteousness and understanding. 

It is a stone of regeneration, it spreads light energy and heals the heartaches, encouraging to move on. She brings hope and strength to overcome the painful moments. 





Courage and Hope 

The garnet group is rich and features transparent, translucent stones or opaque, in various colors. 

According to tradition, garnet is therefore a stone of courage. Developing the confidence and perseverance to carry out your projects, this stone will bring you the vitality, passion and the gifts needed in case of despair. 

Garnet stone is thus a strong grounding stone. Garnet is attributed the power to free oneself from negative behavioral patterns and the power of regeneration, to help combat discouragement, sadness, failure and instability emotional. This stone promotes self-respect and also makes it possible to faced with obstacles or a sense of persecution.




Clarity and Protection

 Labradorite works like a shield or a sponge that absorbs negative energies, bad intentions, invasive from others.

It helps us preserve our energy in the face of "vampirizing" personalities.

It is a stone of protection, very useful for all people working in the professions of care and advice.

Labradorite clarifies thought and allows you to follow your common thread in the face of mental interference of all kinds, including your own. It dissolves the omnipresence of mental control, the action of which generates a harmful psychic charge for your overall well-being. It positions your mind in its proper place, which must be at the service of your intuition.



Courage and Protection

 It was once worn as an amulet to protect against evil spirits by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks.

Protective stone that absorbs pollutants.

Encourages change, transformation and makes life more intense. It gives intuition and helps to assume its responsibilities. 

It strengthens self-confidence, soothes and releases repressed emotions. 

It is a warrior stone, wear it when you need courage and strength to achieve your goal. 




Apeace and intuition

 Its iridescent reflections aroused a fascination among the first peoples, who attributed to it a symbolic link with the land and the sea.

At the psychological level, this stone produces appeasement; it soothes anxieties, anger, tensions, mood swings and all excessive emotional states. It acts as a powerful mood regulator for the wearer. It helps to fight against a negative state of mind. It is very effective in purifying relationship difficulties, especially in love: it facilitates communication, more balanced and harmonious relationships. Its soothing side makes it easier to express one's feelings of love and emotions on a daily basis, to verbalize one's needs and feelings.

On a spiritual and energetic level, it is a powerful stone of intuition and open-mindedness: it stimulates imagination and creativity.




Moon stone  orange

Soothing and gentle 

The name moonstone comes from its soft color and its pearly reflections similar to the lunar star. Its resemblance is such that in antiquity it was thought to be a fragment of the Moon. Associated with the moon and it is considered a woman's stone, worn for fertility and love. 

There orange moonstone soothes the mind. It harmonizes emotions, strengthens self-confidence. Moonstone also helps calm anxiety and worry. This stone helps develop sensitivity, creativity and gentleness. 

This stone will help you in decision-making and the harmonization of your emotions. 

Orange Moonstone brings soothing relief to emotional issues, such as depression or anger. Supports the heart by stimulating the mind, calming worry or anxiety, and bringing out the best in people. 




sun stone 

Vital force and joy of living 

In ancient Greece, the Sun Stone represented the god of the sun (Helios) and conferred good fortune, prosperity and longevity to its possessor.

The stone of the Sun is warm, full of joy, effective against sadness and gloom. She brings sweetness back to life. symbol of power and harmony, it helps us to take care of ourselves. 

It acts as an antidepressant, encourages optimism and allows you to assert yourself positively. Renowned for bringing luck to whoever holds it, the stone of Sun favors personal ambitions. With this stone it is almost impossible to be depressed or sad. Its radiance will bring you optimism and jgoose to live. 

Considered as protective, it helps to find a peaceful sleep. 




Love and Serenity

 Stone of love, par excellence, it brings sweetness, tenderness and compassion. It helps you to heal your grief and your emotional wounds, conscious or not. By accompanying you towards a deep love of yourself and your environment, in an attitude devoid of all projections, she teaches you the infinite power of unconditional love and leads you towards a global vision of things: love, language common to all things.

It helps with self-acceptance, opens the heart and promotes romantic encounters.

It develops artistic creativity and accentuates sensitivity.

Heals wounds, emotional deficiencies and is useful against the feeling of abandonment.