Workshop visit

Behind the scenes of the creation of our jewelry.
For my creations, I draw on my experiences and my travels to imagine and create the refined pieces that make up my collections. I also test and think about the daily life of each active and dynamic woman that you are, in order to offer jewelry that meets your needs.
The primers (pieces that make up a piece of jewelry), chains that make up our jewelry are therefore chosen, tested and the stones are all carefully selected one by one from our specialized suppliers. The stones being natural, their aspects, reflections can be very different from one stone to another. It is therefore important to choose them carefully for their visual quality. (I admit that in reality it is a real pleasure for me to do it, I love to hunt around and select the stones during my purchases!)
Our jewelry is entirely assembled by hand in our small Parisian workshop by myself, using materials and finishes previously tested to resist. (only brass finishes gilded with fine gold, in a minority, must be protected from water and sweat, see product sheet for each model).
Why use gilded primers with fine gold? Quite simply because when part of the jewel touches the skin very little and is therefore very little in contact with your sweat, water or other, if you keep your jewels well, it will then be able to keep its gilding and its appearance of origin for a very long time.
Primers gilded with fine gold having a thinner layer of gold, therefore cost us less. So we can continue to offer you jewelry at reasonable prices.
All jewelry or more sensitive parts of jewelry (such as rings, necklaces, earring posts, etc.) are all made of materials that are resistant and hypoallergenic for your comfort.
Being a designer, I am lucky enough to be able to choose each primer that makes up my jewelry, so I decide to do it intelligently.
In my hands the magic happens, I assemble each part one by one and the jewels take shape. The rings, the rods, each part, even the smallest, is important. It is therefore very important to choose quality materials to guarantee a good longevity of the jewellery.
This meticulous work requires several hours of work, patience and good endurance of the eyes!!
Between each step I carry out a meticulous quality control. The quality and durability of my jewelry is a priority for me. In case you have encountered an abnormal or premature problem with one of our jewels, do not hesitate to contact me. I will do the necessary.
Some pictures of the workshop

Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoyed it, and see you very soon I hope! :)